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Welcome to Troop 18…the beginning of your son’s scouting adventure.  Whether your son is new to scouting or is looking for a place to continue their journey, Troop 18 can provide a place for him to develop skills and grow in maturity as he progressing through the scouting program.  


Troop 18 was founded in January of 2006 by several scouting families.  The Troop has produced numerous Eagle scouts as well as holding a strong presence in the Owasso community through service. Our purpose and philosophy is to teach our Scout (your son) to be leaders, to set the example, and to stand up for what they know is right.  We want our Scouts to be honest, to set high goals for themselves, and to develop a lifelong habit of achievement.  Troop 18 is founded and modeled on a boy led troop basis where our scouts decide the type of program activities they wish to pursue and scouts lead other scouts through positive examples, training, and field experience. 


As Scoutmaster, my goals are both troop oriented and Boy focused.  I wish to:

1) To develop and foster leadership qualities in today Scouts and specifically young men.

2) To help Scouts learn responsibility, preparedness, and accountability in all areas of life.

3) To aide in Spiritual and Emotional Maturity

4) To encourage self-respect and respect for others in all situations

5) To instill a sense of community service through public projects and an attitude of service in daily life.


I invite you to visit our Troop on Mondays for an inside look at our Troop and our great Scouts.  Your son is both wanted and needed to make our Troop even better!


Scoutmaster Scott

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